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Corrugator Performance Training
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This training is meant to improve your overall performance. Together we work on boosting the OEE. This is therefore a project, which requires expertise (mechanical, electrical and process) from different fields. The enhancement in performance should be sustainable and for this reason it is important to measure the result. Waste is also an essential factor, where we need to make a difference between planned and unplanned waste. Especially the source of the unplanned waste should be analyzed, and follow-up is required when here the KPI shows a negative trend (in one or more specific waste sources). The reduction of unplanned stops also needs to be addressed. Here examining the causes is very important. Crucial is to follow an analytical path of fault finding.

Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control.

Define the process and the problem, measure the current performance, analyze the process for issues and root causes, improve, determine and implement improvement actions, control, maintain the improvement process (sustainable).


Identification of failure factors and the implementation of measures for a better product quality through:

  • Production analysis
  • Waste reduction
  • Down-time reduction
  • Improve board quality
  • Boost average speed
  • Increase of motivation and skills levels
  • Enhance knowledge about the corrugating process throughout your organization
  • Spot bottle necks in production also outside of the corrugator (periphery)

Improve the OEE with a lasting effect in order to be competitive. Use best practices and become a first-class corrugating manufacturing plant in your region.

  • You are getting expert advice
  • This is a do it with me project and therefore the results are sustainable
  • We bring knowhow to your plant to reach the goals/targets required
Target Group
  • Production management
  • Team-leaders and supervisors
  • Planning
  • Operator personnel
  • Maintenance personnel

Several blocks spread over the year

To be decided regarding target achievement

Training Methods
  • Discussion/Meetings
  • Hands-on
  • Analysis
  • Group workshops/Discussions (interaction)
Participants must have deep knowledge about the corrugating process
  • At customer site
  • English
  • German
  • Optional languages on request
  • If a translator is required, additional time and expense must be calculated
We recommend max. 20 participants
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