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Operator Training
On Request
Price per person plus
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  Training available

This training helps your personnel to handle the equipment safely in order to be able to cope with the various requirements in production. A well-trained operator is much better prepared for his work and can react faster and safer when problems occur. Frequently there are still uncertainties and open questions regarding the operation of the equipment and in the event of malfunctions. The self-confidence of the operators plays an important role in ensuring smooth operation. Training will encourage your operators in their work. 

  • More detailed explanation of the corrugator functions 
  • Fill knowledge gaps 
  • Further development to produce corrugated board with good quality 
  • Tips and tricks for the production 
  • Cleaning of the corrugator 

This training gives the operator a better overview of all corrugator functions and is designed to answer open questions regarding operation and problem solving. The training program is adapted to your specific corrugator configuration and production mix. 

  • Leads to a smooth operation of the plant 
  • Meeting your production requirements  
  • Both experienced and new operators are trained by experienced trainers at the required level 
Target Group
  • Operating personnel
  • Corrugator Team-leaders/Supervisors
  • Production Manager
depends on the scope of delivery and the number of shifts to be trained
Training Methods
  • Presentations (modular)
  • Classroom (theory)
  • Videos/Animations
  • Group workshops/Discussions (interaction)
  • Participants must have basic knowledge about the corrugating process (entry level) 
  • At your site
  • English
  • German
  • Optional languages on request
  • If a translator is required, additional time and expense must be calculated
We recommend max. 20 participants
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