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The iCorr® universe
Start-up Training
On Request
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  Training available
This training is required to make a successful start-up on your new corrugator. Furthermore, it is also needed for new employees entering your company and becoming operators. This can be a complete additional shift as well. Very important is the safety training required (by law). A well-trained operator is much more prepared for the job he needs to perform. Of course, entry level is important and previous experience in the industry can be a big help. Having said this for many operators the equipment they have to operate is new and, for this reason, to make sure start-up goes smoothly, operator confidence plays a main role. Training will empower your operators.
  • General safety rules and training
  • Explanation of function and buttons on the corrugator equipment
  • Get to know all machines
  • How to start-up the corrugator
  • How to produce good quality corrugated board
  • Tips and tricks for production
  • Cleaning the corrugator
  • How to shut-down the corrugator
The training will give the operator a better view of all functions of the corrugator including hands-on training to get the corrugator to run. It is a combination of theory (classroom) and practical training on the corrugator. The training program is adapted to your specific corrugator configuration and production mix.
  • Results in a smooth start-up
  • Meeting your production requirements within the shortest possible time
  • All shifts are trained the same (standards)
  • Both experienced and new operators are trained to the required level by experienced trainers
Target Group
  • Operating personnel
  • Corrugator Team-leaders/Supervisors
  • Production Manager
depends on the scope of delivery and the number of shifts to be trained
Training Methods
  • Presentations (modular)
  • Classroom (theory)
  • Videos/Animations
  • Group workshops/Discussions (interaction)
  • Participants must have basic knowledge about the corrugating process (entry level)
  • At customer site
  • English
  • German
  • Optional languages on request
  • If a translator is required, additional time and expense must be calculated
We recommend max. 20 participants
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