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Profibus Inspection

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Price for Profibus Inspection
  Inspection available
Short Description

Profibus/Profinet inspection with the aim of preventively identifying weak points and problems, tracing them back to their causes and rectifying them.

Customer Benefit
  • Early detection of weak points
  • Avoidance of sporadic BUS malfunctions and production downtime costs
  • Extension of system runtimes
  • Information about actual condition and aging behavior
  • Basis for preventive maintenance
  • Avoidance of unplanned machine downtimes
  • Increase in production reliability
Product Description

The daily effects of the production environment on devices, cables and connectors lead to oxidation and corrosion at the contact points. Mechanical loads inevitably change the physical condition of BUS components and cables. In accordance with the VDI/VDE guideline, we recommend a regular check of the communication logic in all machine-related PROFIBUS/ PROFINET networks, including an update of the BUS topology. The PROFIBUS/PROFINET inspection service provides precise information about shield breaks, pinched cables or loose pinch points. Weak points are analyzed and, if possible, eliminated immediately. All measurements performed are documented and evaluated in an acceptance and inspection report.

Carried out by 1 BHS technician

5 days incl. travel
Machine downtime
1-2 days
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