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SRA Inspection

On Request

Price for SRA Inspection
  Inspection available
Short Description

Slitter Scorer inspection incl. minor repairs and adjustment with the aim of identifying problems, tracing them back to their causes, correcting them and optimally adjusting the Slitter Scorer.

Customer Benefit
  • Consistently high quality reduces customer complaints
  • Improved measuring accuracy of outs
  • Increase in machine availability
Product Description

We thoroughly inspect your slitter scorer and at the same time carry out minor repairs for you straightaway.

  • Inspection of all moving parts for wear and tear
  • Checking of all knife and scoring bodies for wear and function
  • Verification of the symmetrical grinding angle, extremely important for the dimensional accuracy of the bends
  • Checking the positioning mechanism for wear and tear
  • Checking the grooved profile coating for wear and tear
  • Measuring of the bodies and sections to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the curve dimensions
  • Measurement check by test production
  • Functional test after completion of service work
  • Service report / documentation

Durchführung durch 1 BHS Techniker

5 days
Machine downtime
1-2 days
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