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TCI Inspection

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Price for TCI Inspection
  Inspection available
Short Description

Comprehensive mechanical and electrical inspection of the corrugator (technical condition incl. maintenance quality) to identify limitations and derive necessary measures. Regular inspection of the technical condition of the corrugator and maintenance quality. Goal: Long-term value retention; ensuring plant availability.

Limitations in the area of plant availability and speed, especially the technical condition of the plant and maintenance quality.

Customer Benefit
  • Comprehensive information on the technical condition of the corrugator, in particular information on technical limitations, concrete advice on how to improve the technical condition of the corrugator and the quality of maintenance
  • Basis for a constant, high plant availability
Product Description

Comprehensive mechanical and electrical inspection to detect damage and wear at an early stage and avoid unplanned downtime by planning measures at an early stage.

  • Technical inspection
  • Sighting and checking of the corrugator:
    • Condition and function check as well as fault analysis, determination of technical limitations, malfunctions and defects in the electrical and mechanical areas
    • Documentation of plant defects
    • Derivation of recommendations for action
  • Maintenance inspection: Inspection of the customer's maintenance with regard to preventive and periodic measures to increase plant availability
  • Preparation of inspection report, documentation and transmission of checklists, protocols, recommendations for action as well as repair and corrective measures carried out corrective measures
  • Final meeting with the client to present the results as well as Scheduling of follow-up steps

Execution by 2 BHS technicians (1 electrician, 1 mechanic)

6 days
Machine downtime
2 days
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