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NICE: making wear parts easily available

In order to achieve optimal corrugator availability, it is important to replace central wear parts such as corrugating rolls, glue rolls, knives and pressure belts in a timely manner if necessary. Fast supply is ensured in most cases by on-site storage. As a rule, this involves keeping a large stock, unnecessarily tying up capital and running the risk of obsolete parts. Furthermore, the consumption of wear parts fluctuates significantly over the course of a year and makes the budget difficult to plan and predict.

​​​​​​​To relieve you of these challenges, BHS Corrugated has developed NICE (Not Included Capital Expenditure): You receive all wear parts at guaranteed and predictable service-life-based prices. Depending on your equipment, you can choose a payment model that covers one or more individual machine groups or your entire corrugator.


NICE Corrugator: replacing wear parts quickly

​​For high availability and optimal parts supply – with NICE Corrugator, you get a complete spare parts package for your corrugator.

NICE Dry End – the component package for your dry end

​​​​​​​With NICE Dry End, you get a complete package. It includes the individual components Slitter Scorer, Main Cutoff and Stacker as well as Rotary Shear. These are also available separately. Along with the NICE Wet End, these NICE packages comprise the main component of NICE Corrugator.

NICE Wet End – the component package for your wet end

​​​​​​​The NICE Wet End is a spare parts package solution for your Wet End, comprised of the two component groups NICE SF-Group and NICE DF-Group. Also included: corresponding services.

NICE Rolls® – for a complete roll supply

NICE Rolls® is a totally new concept for corrugating rolls. It includes complete roll supply with guaranteed replacement within 72 hours. Rolls are billed by running meter.

NICE Cassette: for shorter tooling times

From urgent roll replacements to the maintenance and repair of corrugating rolls and cassettes – NICE Cassette offers a number of services for faster tooling times on the machine.

NICE SF-Belt: Single Facer, fully supplied

The NICE SF-Belt silicone-coated pressure belt is another product-specific NICE solution. It provides a supply of pressure belts for the Single Facer.

NICE DF-Belt: made for the Double Facer

​​​​​​​The NICE DF-Belt is another product-specific NICE solution. It provides a full supply of Double Facer belts, including drum laggings.

The advantages of NICE at a glance

Maximum availability and security

​​​​​​​With NICE from BHS Corrugated, you get all your wear parts, from the lubricants to corrugating rolls, precisely when you need them. BHS Corrugated guarantees on-site availability, from procurement and delivery to storage.
Billing based on service life

​​​​​​​NICE offers you performance-based invoicing with a fixed price per million meters of corrugated board produced, regardless of the number of parts required. BHS Corrugated assumes the risk of both wear and capital as well as making your parts and production costs constant and calculable. Another way you benefit: reduced process costs in Purchasing and Accounting.
Utmost Flexibility

​​​​​​​Depending on your equipment, you have the option of including individual machine groups up to a complete corrugator in the payment model. You can also concentrate only on the machine groups for which you need the most support according to the NICE benefits. Our extensive portfolio of packages gives you a high degree of freedom.
Avoid capital tie-up, obsolete parts and storage costs

​​​​​​You do not buy any wear parts and you do not invest in their replacement. BHS Corrugated remains the owner of the parts and thus assumes the capital tie-up. This eliminates the risk of obsolete parts and high inventory costs.
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